Yvonne Kasper

Get Results YK

Fishkill, NY

Yvonne came to WEDC to get assistance with expanding her new business.  She is doing personal training and wanted to expand to include nutrition coaching.  Upon doing a discover process it was determined that Yvonne should attend the 60 hour program.  This would provide Yvonne with the framework to reach her goals.

Yvonne utilized our free counseling during and after the completion of the 60 hour class.  Topics we discussed included goals for expansion.  Also strategies for maximizing the 60 hour class.  We also discussed results of her market research, explored demographic research tools and video/social media campaign for holidays and January.  We assisted Yvonne with her YouTube channel, reviewed video, content and marketing timeline to develop.  Discussed market plan draft, fine tuning target market, market size, goals and promotion strategy.  Also overall growth goals.

Yvonne completed our 60 hour entrepreneurial training program with a business plan.  She also reported a substantial increase in sales. In fact, Yvonne moved into a studio.  Great growth that was a direct result of the assistance Yvonne received.

Yvonne was able to do all of this while having a family and caretaker for an elderly mother.  Her determination and drive will help her to continue to grow the business.  Yvonne said “I decided to take the WEDC course because I wanted to provide my business a better background in marketing and advertising.  I really didn’t know where to start.  When I came into the course I got so much more.  Knowledge in insurance and networking.  If you are deciding on starting a business this is the place to come.” We will work with Yvonne to learn more about how her business model has evolved and continue to support her through this growth.

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