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Successful professionals - pay it forward

Volunteer your time to help women and minority small business owners learn from your insights and talent.

As a WEDC volunteer, you’ll join a community of people who care passionately about WEDC's vision and are willing to do the work to help us make it a reality

We offer many rewarding, empowering, and fun volunteer opportunities. Meet wonderful new people, network, and be part of our lively community!  Opportunities include:

  • Serving on a business panel
  • Presenting a workshop
  • Serving as a mentor
  • Serving on the annual event committee
  • Representing WEDC at community events
  • Internships

Volunteer Signup Form

Can you volunteer some time right now to help women and minority small business owners in these difficult times? Your valuable skills and experience would be greatly appreciated by WEDC entrepreneurs as they fight for business survival... If you have some time to offer, fill out our WEDC volunteer request below.

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