Karlene Barrett

Attainable Hope Psychology Services

Middletown, NY
Karlene Barrett

Karlene came to WEDC to learn more about starting her own private psychology practice. Karlene knew this would be an undertaking and wanted to make sure she had the tools to launch and sustain the business over time. She is a graduate of the 60 hour program which gave her the roadmap to launch her business in April 2018. We were excited to be part of Karlene’s open house in December 2018. Karlene did a fabulous job of creating a location that had a welcoming and soothing atmosphere. In just a few months of operation she has already provided numerous counseling sessions to clients. A real accomplishment being Karlene is only working one day a week. As the business builds she will be offering full time hours. We are thrilled to have helped Karlene realize her dream and will continue to help her grow utilizing our center’s resources.

Karlene said “Before attending the 60-hour course, I had the idea of what I wanted to do, but it was all in my head. The WEDC course helped me translate my idea into a workable business plan. I especially appreciated learning how to integrate market research into identifying a target market, and how to develop a marketing plan. The direct involvement of professional presenters in our course helped me not only get real-world training, but also role models of successful entrepreneurs. Being mentored by Cynthia and some of our presenters, as well as support from my peers in the class, gave me direction and confidence in moving forward with my plans.

I’m now the confident and satisfied owner of Attainable Hope Psychology Services PLLC. I started small, on a part-time basis and plan to continue growing into a self-sufficient business within the next year. I am most happy that I am doing what I enjoy, making a difference in the lives of individuals, helping them find hope and direction for their lives.”

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