Flor Cabello

JCF Decorations Upholstery Window Treatments

White Plains, NY

Flor Cabello, a former primary education teacher, immigrated to the United States from Peru in 1990. For many years she found work caring for children and cleaning homes. She considers an event in 2001 to be a turning point in her life. That year she received an offer from the family whose children she was caring for to become the children’s fulltime caregiver. Even though the salary was very enticing, Flor knew that this was not the “road she wanted to take”. She wanted to become a business owner like her mother. One Sunday, while socializing with friends after attending Mass, she learned about WEDC Westchester and their 60-hour entrepreneurial training program offered in Spanish. She immediately enrolled in the class with expectations that her business would be a childcare center. While taking the classes, Flor began to consider another business – interior design and decoration – because friends and family had always praised the décor in her home.
Initially, Flor launched an antique restoration and decorating business, and her business grew primarily through “word of mouth.” WEDC continued to support Flor and her business with ongoing business counseling. Four years later, she added upholstery services, and sales skyrocketed, primarily due to attracting commercial clients. At this point, her husband left his carpentry job to work full-time in Flor’s business. In 2006, Flor opened the JCF Showroom in White Plains, New York.
Like so many small businesses, Flor was forced to temporarily close her business in Spring 2020 due to New York State’s COVID-19 restrictions. During that time, she sewed face masks and donated them to local hospitals. She also used that time to develop a presence on social media (Facebook & Instagram), which enabled her to promote her business and generate new sales.
JCF Decorations Upholstery Window Treatments has since reopened and sales are increasing. Today, Flor’s clients are from the tri-state region, Florida and Texas. They include established decorators, in addition to residential, commercial, and corporate clients.
Flor credits WEDC with helping her to develop a business plan, and learn the skills needed to build a successful business. She said, “WEDC prepared me to become a business owner. WEDC helped me achieve my dream of having a thriving business in the United States.” Flor also feels blessed with a son, daughter in law, and 2 wonderful grandchildren.

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