Aero-Ba-Soul, Inc.

Business Name: Aero-Ba-Soul, Inc.
Address: 2044 Oakwood Drive
Contact: Kecia Palmer-Cousins
Phone Number: 9147377237

Aero-Ba-Soul, Inc. is a Peekskill based, Certified NYC MWBE Project Management, MWBE
Consulting and Soft Skills Training company. Our customer relationship consultants, engineers
and project managers motivate and collaborate with MWBE’s, connecting them with government
resources through project completion. Our small business therapists + wellness coaches
empower clients to project manage their lives. We get to the heart and soul of their personal
development through individual and group empowerment workshops.
Business/Development Coaching
• Customer Service Training
• Employee Assistance Program Training
• MWBE Consulting
Capabilities Statements & RFP Reviews
NYC MWBE Certification Preparation
PIP/PASSPort Training
• Project Management
• Public Speaking
• Soft Skills Training
• Wellness Coaching

Certifications: MWBE
Affiliation: 60 Hour Graduate
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