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Soraida Sanchez’s 2017 End of the Year Appeal from WEDC

Soraida’s Story: End of the Year Appeal from WEDC

Soraida Sanchez emigrated from Colombia and arrived in the U.S. with dreams of starting her own business and becoming her own boss when she read about the Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC) in a local newspaper. Interpreting that moment of discovery as a sign, Soraida contacted WEDC, enrolled in its 60 Hour Entrepreneurial Training Program in Spanish, and graduated. Today, Soraida is the proud owner/operator of Zoraida Beauty Spa located in Port Chester, New York, where with the help of the technical assistance she received from a WEDC business counselor, and a $10,000 loan secured through WEDC’s microloan program, Soraida will continue to grow her enterprise and serve her expanding clientele.



Dear Friend of WEDC:

As we close the year, and quickly approach another, WEDC would like you to become a part of the many stories that are still waiting to be told by donating what you can to the programs and services that WEDC provides in both English and Spanish. By doing so, you are not only investing in a community, but you are also investing in a movement – the economic empowerment of women. WEDC has a 20-year history of positively impacting women entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Whether it is the single head of household mom seeking guidance for a business start-up to support her family, the established woman entrepreneur looking for a community that supports her professional development through networking and advanced training opportunities, or people new to our country, like Soraida, pursuing her dream of business ownership, your contribution will ensure that women continue to claim a place in an area once almost exclusively accessible to men.
Please make a year-end gift to support the work that WEDC does on behalf of women entrepreneurs. Your gift will enable them to access training, counseling, mentoring, continuing opportunities and resources for business growth, and capital.

Your gift will be the beginning of someone’s story.

Best regards,

Barbara Van Bergen

Anne M. Janiak
Chief Executive Officer




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