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Health & Wellness

Anita Ahn
1195 Arrowhead Road
EarthMind Wellness Center
Integrative Wellness Therapy
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Anzhela Dvorkina
81 Willoughby Street
Downtown Medical Services
"Located in the dynamic of Brooklyn, the Multi-Specialty clinic of Downtown Medical Services is a medical facility that is able to serve the care and treatment needs of a diverse community. Our mission is to deliver the utmost in patient care while providing quality medicine and friendly client service.

Located in Brooklyn's ever-changing and exciting Williamsburg district, our facility is established to meet the needs of a diverse and dynamic community population. Our services span a wide range of medical specialties with specific focus on delivering swift an accurate care to meet the needs of those in our eclectic community.
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100 Fisher Avenue # 1832
White Plains
Godsend Psychological Services PLLC
provide psychotherapy, consultations,evaluations, workshops, and referrals
Yonkers Fall 2012
Dmitriy Bronfman
14 DeKalb Avenue, 4 floor
Brooklyn Abortion Clinic
"Brooklyn Abortion Clinic is comprised of board certified doctors that have dedicated their career to your health. Each one specializes in specific surgeries they have performed countless times. Bright, clean and fresh with state of the art equipment. The surgeons of Brooklyn Abortion Clinic have brought treatment for women to a whole new level of recognized quality. The only certified by NYS department of health ambulatory surgical facility in Brooklyn for gynecological needs. Our goal was to create an atmosphere that exceeds all other standards. Surgery is always a serious matter, our staff IS that step above your health demands.

Some of your services:

Pregnancy Termination
One day abortion (up to 14 weeks)
Two day abortion (up to 24 weeks)

Gynecological Procedures
Cervical Biopsy
LEEP Procedure
Tubal Ligation

Aesthetic Procedures
Pelvic Floor Reconstruction
Vaginal Rejuvenation"
718 369-1900
Dmitriy Bronfman
14 Dekalb Ave
Professional Gynecological Services
"We Are a Comprehensive Women's Health Care Facility. Our highly skilled and trained professionals at Professional Gynecological Services specialize in providing complete gynecological care and New York abortion clinic services in a comfortable, private and supportive environment. Our primary goal is to provide safe healthcare and privacy during stressful times. We can answer all your questions regarding abortion procedures and information on the abortion pill (RU486) versus the morning after pill. We are here to educate, inform and provide clinical and emotional security. We are conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn with easy access from Manhattan. Public transportation is accessible, minutes away from the city. Our mission at Professional Gynecological Services is to treat each woman as a whole person, addressing her physical and emotional needs while at our New York Abortion Clinic so that she can make informed health care decisions. We provide safety and discretion. Our services: Vaginal Rejuvenation
Pelvic Floor Reconstruction
Botox Injections
Permanent birth control (Essure)
Two day abortions (up to 20 weeks)
Dysport Injections
Dermal Fillers
One day abortions (up to 15 weeks)
Prenatal Care Providing High Quality Care In Abortion Services Through 24 Weeks, Specializing in The Abortion Pill Only $350-Ins Ok. Affordable-Safe-Private"
Sudasana - The Art of Tranquility
Holistic Care for Body, Mind & Spirit
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Febin Melepura
51 East 25th St
New York
Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates
"At Manhattan Pain and Sports Associates our specialists create individually tailored treatment plans to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. We are proud to work with the most advanced best in class pain diagnostic tools. Your evaluation process with us may include CT Scans, MRIs, X-Rays, EMG, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Discography, and a full medical history – in short, whatever it takes to get to the root of your symptoms.

We offer effective and sustainable personalized pain management treatments for the following conditions:

Sports Medicine
Back PainKnee Pain: Neck Pain
Shoulder & Upper Body Pain
Hip Pain:
Pain Medications:
Our best in class award winning pain management doctors utilize a comprehensive treatment model that provides each pain patient with a unique treatment plan that is tailored to them and may include several treatment components.Manhattan Pain and Sports Associates focuses solely on the prevention, diagnosis, best in class treatment and rehabilitation of painful disorders. Comprehensive assessments by our doctors are an essential component of our pain management & sports medicine practice. We are committed to providing personalized solutions for pain to greatly improve your quality of life. We understand that each patient has a unique problem and therefore customize each and every pain management program."
(646) 630-7958
c/o 97 Joyce Road, Hartsdale
Hartsdale, NY
New York
Walk Live Westchester
Provides fitness programs, primarily based on aerobic walking, to individuals, groups and businesses.
Spring 2008, White Plains
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You Can Do It Coach
White Plains, NY
New York
You Can Do It Coach
As a Tobacco Treatment Specialist, I help people to recover from tobacco use - quitting smoking and/or quitting smokeless tobacco. I work as an Independent Contractor. Having trained at the University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey School of Public Health and the American Lung Association's Freedom from Smoking program, I have the expertise necessary to help people overcome their addiction to and use of tobacco products. Also, I am a Consulting Hypnotist (National Guild of Hypnotists) and a practitioner of Ericksonian hypnosis.
914 646-9037
New York City
New York
Manufacture and dustribute natural fair trade body care products for both males and females. We will also make products for babies and children in the near future.
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