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Nancy Kessler, Memoirs Plus

Nancy Kessler, 
Memoirs Plus
Email: memoirsplus@gmail.com
Website: http://www.memoirsplus.com

After suddenly finding herself unemployed, Nancy Kessler decided it was time to make her dream of owning a business come true. She had heard about WEDC through a career coach that she had known for a long time. While employed, Nancy did not have the time to seek out services offered by WEDC. However, upon unemployment, she was able to use her time wisely to create a business plan. WEDC has done wonderful things for me through the support from a community of people that have helped me focus on the tools I needed to succeed,” she explains.

Upon completing the 60+ Hour Entrepreneurial Training Program, Nancy was able to meet women business owners to support her business plan and formed the WEDC Senior Providers’ Network. Nancy has participated in a variety of workshops and networking events held by WEDC, along with receiving individualized business counseling. Nancy attended a day-long Pro Bono Partnership event at MasterCard where she received help with creating marketing documents and plans. “Through WEDC, I was able to receive a one-day scholarship at MasterCard to work on my business,” she says.

In June 0f 2014, Nancy launched her own business related to her passion for writing memoirs for senior citizens. Memoirs Plus is created to engage independent seniors with sophisticated intellectual and creative activities which will enable them to tell their life stories through writing a memoir. The company enables seniors to share their stories in book form through assistance with writing and illustrating. Nancy often speaks for civic organizations and teaches Memoir Writing at the Scarsdale Adult School.

Nancy became a member of WEDC’s board of directors. For those thinking about starting their own small businesses, Nancy has the following advice: “Don’t start without taking a class. WEDC can offer all you need to know and introduce you to a community of people that will help you. I relied heavily on WEDC.”


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