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Melissa Pikul, Metals & Pieces

Melissa Pikul
Metals & Pieces 
Florida, NY

Melissa came to the WEDC MHV to attend our all day “Selling With Ease: Stepping Into Your Professional Greatness” Workshop.  She has been running her own specialty jewelry business for quite a few years and was looking to find ways to expand.

Once Melissa saw all the resources WEDC MHV had to offer she decided to take advantage our one on one counseling to help with fine tuning her business and develop growth strategies.  She knew that for success and survival she needed to do something different.  We continued to work together and Melissa then enrolled in our  60 Hour Entrepreneurial training class. Some really great adjustments are Melissa’s focus on events that bring her the most return on investment, submission of pieces to potentially be featured on television shows as well as expanding her online presence.  Melissa has submitted jewelry in association with The Artisan Group which includes: Arrow, The Fosters, Stichers, This Is Us, Mom, Jane the Virgin, The Voice, Crashing, and Empire.  She plans on submitting to The Americans in the near future.  We are hopeful a piece will be worn during the season and she can leverage that in her marketing.  A recent development, five of her pieces will be featured at fashion week on September 11th

Melissa said ‘WEDC MHVhelped to open my eyes to the fact that I wasn’t thinking BIG enough. Sometimes our dreams become so specific that we get locked into them and don’t realize the additional avenues our businesses can take to build extreme success. I am beyond thankful to Cynthia, the WEDC team and their curriculum for their tireless dedication to pushing their students to see the true potential of their dreams. “ WEDC is so thrilled to have been able to assist Melissa with creating a business plan that was comprehensive and the roadmap for long term growth and success.  We will continue to support Melissa and expect that she will take advantage of our counseling and other workshops to aid with implementing her growth strategies.

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